In Game Description Edit

Cursed from birth with unnatural sorcery, assassins are often exiled in childhood. Forced to the streets to fend for themselves, they develop a unique fighting style that blends grace with magic unburdened by morality. Now grown they serve as the great equalizers, plying their deadly trade without regard for station or standing.

Starting Stats Edit

  • Health: 15
  • Mana: 1
  • Gold: 0
  • Actions: 1
  • Cards: 2

(can be increased through various achievements)


Level Up Bonuses Edit

  • Every level: +3 Health
  • Level 1: Channel (Combat Passive): Whenever the assassin plays an action card, she gains 2 mana.
  • Level 3: Vanish (Combat Ability): Escape from combat. Your opponent will remain damaged and poisoned. (Cooldown: 3)
  • Level 4: +1 card
  • Level 6: Murder (Dungeon Ability): Kill a non-boss monster instantly, getting XP but no gold. (Cooldown: 4)
  • Level 7: +1 card
  • Level 10: Choose an extra talent