In Game Description Edit

Cursed from birth with unnatural sorcery, assassins are often exiled in childhood. Forced to the streets to fend for themselves, they develop a unique fighting style that blends grace with magic unburdened by morality. Now grown they serve as the great equalizers, plying their deadly trade without regard for station or standing.

Channel: Whenever the assassin plays an action card, she gains 2 mana.

Starting Stats Edit

  • Health: ??
  • Mana: 1
  • Gold: ??
  • Actions: 1
  • Cards: 2

(can be increased through various achievements)


Level Up Bonuses Edit

  • Every level: +3 Health
  • Level 3: Vanish (Combat Ability): Escape from combat. Your opponent will remain damaged and poisoned. (Cooldown: 3)
  • Level 6: Murder (Dungeon Ability): Kill a non-boss monster instantly, getting XP but no gold. (Cooldown: 4)


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