As you descend to each of the 3 levels, you must pick 1 talent. Some of the following must be unlocked by completing achievements first.

  • On Floor 1, you can choose any of the Floor 1 talents.
  • On Floor 2, you can choose any of the Floor 1 or 2 talents.
  • On Floor 3, you can choose any of the Floor 1, 2 or 3 talents.
  • On reaching character level 10, you can choose any of the Floor 1, 2, 3 or 4 talents.

Name Floor Effect Unlocked By
Cowardly 1 Gain the Flee Ability allowing you to run away form combat Not Dead Yet
Crumble 1 All the walls on this dungeon floor are removed Pious
Heal 1 Gain the Heal dungeon ability (cooldown 5) Holy Savior
Healthy 1 Gain 5 health None
Magical 1 Gain 2 mana None
Portent 1 Reveals the environments and boss monsters of all three levels of the dungeon, and the three abilities the Dream Master will have if you make it that far (no cooldown) Academic Savior
Preparation 1 Gain the ability to reset the cooldown on your other dungeon abilities (cooldown 5) Sneaky Savior
Sixth Sense 1 All monsters are revealed on all floors A Little Nap
Smash 1 Gain the Smash dungeon ability (cooldown 2)  Strong Savior
Teleport 1 Gain the Teleport dungeon ability (cooldown 1) Sorcerous Savior
Training 1 Choose a card from your deck that can be leveled up and level it None
Clear Mind 2 Reduce the cooldown of your dungeon abilities by 1 Musical Savior
Copy 2 Choose a card from your deck and gain another copy of it Still My Turn
Ding! 2 Level up (max level 10) Ding!
Equipped 2 Gain one equipment slot None
Pious 2 Add the Wisdom, Ward, and Prayer of Wrath cards to your deck Holy Champion
Polymorph 2 Learn the Polymorph dungeon ability which replaces a monster (cooldown 5) Immortal
Quick 2 Gain 1 Action None
Rich 2 Gain 30 gold None
Sneaky 2 Add the Backstab, Jab, and Alacrity cards to your deck Sneaky Champion
Sorcerous 2 Add the Mana Surge, Fireball, and Charm cards to your deck Sorcerous Champion
Warlike 2 Add the Slash, Shield, and Crush cards to your deck Strong Champion
Charismatic 3 5 additional beneficial objects appear on this dungeon floor Merciful
Cruel 3 Your opponents take an additional point of damage from each of your physical sources None
Desperate 3 When you have 15 or less life, draw three additional cards each turn Altered Reality
Fiery 3 At the start of each turn, draw a temporary Fireball Disciplined Savior
Heroic 3 Upgrade each card in your deck that can be upgraded to its maximum level Sanctimonious Champion
Immortal 3 The next time you would die, heal completely instead None
Invisible 3 You have a 30% chance to prevent opponent's action or spell cards from having an effect Wild Savior
Purity 3 Choose up to three cards from your deck and delete them None
Sublime 3 All your damage is piercing Pure
Archmage 4 Your spells no longer cost mana Clarity
Ascendance 4 Gain 20 health, 5 mana, and an action None
Impervious 4 You take half damage (rounded down) from all elements A Little Trip
Master Thief 4 Items in shops are free Dream Master
Poisonous 4 At the beginning of your turn, poison your opponent 3 Poisonous Savior
Smart 4 Draw one additional card each turn None
Terror 4 Your opponents' hand sizes are reduced by 1 None
Tiltowait 4 Add the action card Tiltowait to your deck which deals 20 piercing damage Rich
Vampiric 4 For every 3 points of physical damage you deal each turn, gain 1 life Undying Savior
Well-Armed 4 Start each combat with a sword, shield, and armor in play Sanctimonious Savior

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