Type Action
Effect Take an extra turn. If your opponent is alive at the end of that turn, die
Gold Cost 35

Strategy Edit

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  • Be careful not to add Last Chance to a deck with Desperate Strike! (In a way, Last Chance does make desperate strike more desperate)
  • Also dangerous when fighting Hand of Glory. If it comes up during the Dance Puppet, it would be certain suicide. If 2 rounds of attacking yourself doesn't kill you, you die anyway.
  • Having exile cards, like Meditate, might be helpful when this card is in your deck.
  • If you know that your opponent has a disorient Card, and that even with an extra turn they wouldn't be able to kill you in one turn, you can play last chance, and then it will act as if your opponent played last chance, and then die unless it can kill you quick enough (and you should only use this if you are pretty sure your opponent will not be able to do too much damage with the extra turn. If you fully heal after the battle, then this doesn't matter unless the monster can kill you)