Type Action
Effect Draw 3 cards, then discard 3 cards
Casting Cost 0 Action
Gold Cost 10

Strategy Edit

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Best used with cards like Second thoughts and Second Wind.

Sift is also good if you have a lot of attack 1s in your deck that you don't expect to be able to delete.

Sift is bad for Monks because they delete so many cards from their deck.

Sift is actually a fantastic card for bards with Enlightened Elegy. When Sift is played with ENlightened Elegy the mechanic forces you to discard three cards before drawing the next three - which means you can play sift last to simply select three cards from your deck for no action cost. Combining this with a couple of Second Thoughts cards can result in a huge number of hand picked cards. Best used with Pugilist Polka to add damage to the process.